In Week 16, Shead left the Vikings game with a knee injury and was ruled out against the Packers. In late December, he w

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In Week 16, Shead left the Vikings game with a knee injury and was ruled out against the Packers. In late December, he w

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Though equipped with defensive versatility Womens Sam Martin Jersey , Shead struggled to compete for a starting cornerback spot opposite Slay."As free agency approaches, we will look back at the Detroit Lions roster, examining expectations coming into the season and evaluating players’ futures with the team. Today we look at cornerback DeShawn Shead.DeShawn Shead, CBExpectations before 2018:Detroit first signed Shead to a one-year deal worth $3.35 million in March 2018. Having spent six seasons in Seattle, the Lions hoped to add some experienced depth to their thin secondary. Shead was expected to compete against Teez Tabor and Nevin Lawson for a starting cornerback spot opposite Darius Slay. His versatility likely made him appealing to Matt Patricia, having played all five positions in the Seahawks’ secondary. He did miss a chunk of the 2017 season with a torn ACL, but that didn’t seem to deter the Lions.Shead practiced across from Slay during the first few weeks of training camp but failed to shine. Another injury didn’t help things much -- strained quadriceps kept him off the field for two preseason games. He saw a solid share playing time in the preseason finale against the Cleveland Browns, as Patricia evaluated his talent in various defensive roles. But come the deadline less than 48 hours later, Shead was a roster cut. However, Slay suffered a concussion a few weeks later and Shead was re-signed.Actual role in 2018:2018 Stats: 12 games (1 start): 18 tackles, one forced fumblePFF Grade: 60.6Shead played a reserve role on defense , starting just once in Week 10 while Slay was out with a knee injury. Throughout the season, the Lions heavily relied on their top two cornerbacks who were able to stay healthy most of the time -- Lawson playing 89 percent of snaps and Slay playing 88.8 percent. From there, there was a major drop off in snap share as the Lions struggled to find the next guy to rely on, with Mike Ford at 32.1 percent, Teez Tabor at 28 percent and Shead at 25.2 percent. In Week 16, Shead left the Vikings game with a knee injury and was ruled out against the Packers. In late December, he was officially placed on injured reserve, while the Lions bumped cornerback Andre Chachere from the practice squad to the active roster.Outlook:Contract status: Unrestricted free agentIt’s clear Detroit needs an upgrade at cornerback. Signing Shead made sense -- add a veteran talent to complement Slay that’s skilled enough to integrate himself in the defensive scheme quickly -- but it didn’t pan out the way they’d hoped. They’ll be looking to the draft for defensive playmakers in talented defensive class. Couple inconsistent play with fairly consistent injuries and it’s hard to imagine the Lions make too much of a move to keep Shead around.Vikings fans are taking their 2018 season harder than Lions fans To say Detroit Lions fans and Minnesota Vikings fans came into the 2018 season with different expectations would be underselling it. The Vikings were fresh off an impressive 13-3 season that ended with a disappointing performance in the NFC Championship game. Lions fan had all the optimism that a new coaching staff brings, but after a worrisome preseason, Detroiters actually came into the season with the least amount of confidence in their team among all 32 squads. But four weeks into the season, the two teams sit at the bottom of the NFC North with just one win a piece. As expected Womens Taylor Decker Jersey , both teams are pretty bummed at the moment, but it may come as a surprise that Lions fans are actually a little more confident in their team than Vikings fans. Check it out:The difference is relatively minor—35 percent to 33—but it’s likely emblematic of two things. First, with such high expectations going into the season, Vikings fans are probably just more disappointed overall with the team’s lackluster performance. As for Lions fans... well, we learned how to cope with a poor month of football long ago. Hope runs through the veins of Lions fans, because without it, there is no lifeforce. So even in the darkest hour, the light of hope leads the way.Still, it’s a bit surprising to see these results given the nature of each team’s losses. Both teams have really bad losses—the Vikings to the Bills and the Lions to the Jets—but otherwise, Minnesota doesn’t really have anything else to be ashamed of. A tie against the Packers and a loss to the Rams are both completely understandable, especially considering both were on the road. The Lions do have one really Taylor Decker Jersey White , really good win over the Patriots, but the rest of their resume is just downright bad. Call it lack of experience, higher expectations or just an over-reactionary fanbase, but Minnesota is in a downright panic right now. Want to be a part of these weekly surveys? Join SB Nation’s FanPulse, a survey of fans across the NFL powered by SurveyMonkey. Each week, we send 32 polls to 100+ plugged in fans from each team. Lions fans, sign up HERE to join FanPulse.

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