Disposal of harmful household insects

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Disposal of harmful household insects

Mensajepor ahmedhamdy » Mar May 07, 2019 4:15 pm

Some holes and small holes are made inside the floor of the house, whatever it is, whether ceramic, plain, parquet, or even porcelain. The floor is pierced one hole per meter. Each hole is the equivalent of 4 liters of insecticide. The holes are thus left and the shape of the floor is damaged, but educational holes are made above it, so the real holes can not be observed afterwards.

Advantages of the ideal house as the largest anti-termite company in Jubail: -
For insecticides used by the company, it uses one of the best types of insecticides which is characterized as: less toxic to humans and does not cause serious damage to the individual when used, can not cause the pesticide damage to anything inside the home, whether furniture or hardware or even doors and windows The insecticide used is characterized by low steam pressure, safe for the environment and the individual, its smell acceptable does not raise breath when inhaled, and the company to control the termites in Jubail, using a long-lasting insecticide makes the termites disappear from the home and does not appear completely before twenty years of a Spray with pesticide.

The ideal house company does not only contribute to the elimination of termites as soon as it is seen, but the company does not wait for the damage can be used as a precautionary measure to prevent the emergence of termites from the foundation at home, only by spraying the soil on which the building will be built with insecticide and this is if the soil is sandy.

The company provides a service to combat termites of the highest quality and price suitable for all and it ensures delivery of the house as it was without causing any harm to it in time for the completion of the process of anti-termites.

The workers employed by the company are trained personnel at the highest level and use the latest equipment and the strongest pesticides that insure the disposal of termites permanently and ensure that not returning home again does not require the individual either to call this company once in a lifetime or at least every twenty years in case The soil on which the building was built was full of this type of insect.

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