Spray insecticides

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Spray insecticides

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The company to combat white ant in Jubail and its role in the control of termites in Jubail: -
When an individual attacks a termite in his home he quickly goes to call the best anti-termite company in Jubail. Ideal Home Company is one of those companies that offers the highest service in termite control.
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The Ideal House Company is one of the most powerful home service companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The company does not only provide services in the field of the termite control company in Jubail but it provides services in different parts of Saudi Arabia while also providing other services inside the house of cleaning houses and combating all Insecting and polishing roofs and roofs, working on moving furniture from one place to another, the company also works in the area of ​​sewage disposal and other services that need homes and apartments.
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As for the role of Ideal House Company as a company to combat the termites in Jubail, it receives the house from the moment the call to the staff and abandon them from the individuals residing within them and then received them clean and completely free of any occurrence of termites.
How to Eliminate ants through a White Ants Control Company
In the beginning, when the ideal home company is asked for the termite control service in Jubail, a representative of the company is sent to inspect the house, determine the extent of damage to the furniture by termites, and also determine the presence of termites at home. Stages are stages agreed by any company to combat the termites in Jubail, and these three stages are: a minor injury, serious injury and moderate injury.
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After the inspection, the representative of the company against the termites in Jubail determine the duration of the control process and agree on the price with the client, the same control process is done in two ways depending on the building itself, if the construction in the pre-construction phase, that is in the sand soil here, the company spray the soil Sandicide with termite killer insecticide where each one liter of water is sprayed with 250 ml of pesticide.
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This control can be considered as a preventive measure to prevent the emergence of insects inside the building after its establishment in the future.
The other way in which the control of termites is the way to fight it after it penetrates the house and shows and suffers from the members of the house, here a team of workers go with their tools and then evacuate the house from the population there so as not to be affected by any form of pesticide.
All utensils, utensils and any device on which the pesticide is located can be damaged and later damaged by the owners when they use it. After the team wears their masks, they spray the insecticide all over the house so that it does not come back again.

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